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Full body soft tissue and connective tissue manipulation that also includes hot or cold stone therapy and essential oils (as needed).  Let your whole body unwind as you relax into a space of healing and regeneration, further facilitated by the Richway BioMat. Far Infrared Heat Therapy, and Himalayan Salt Therapy.

  • Price - Hour:    $100

  • 90 Minutes:    $135

Body Talk

Complete Body Health Care System that facilitates every part of the body to communicate optimally, and results in relief and healing for both acute and chronic issues. Practitioner uses a set protocol and biofeedback via the client's inner wisdom to establish priorities for communication.

Once those priorities are established, the formula unfolds and is tapped into the three brains. This gentle tapping allows the "standing waves" in each cell to communicate at the speed of light, and also facilitates deeper communication between the brain's right and left hemispheres.

The Biomat, Far Infrared Heat Therapy, and Himalayan Salt Therapy also accompanies these sessions.

  • Price:    $100

Thai Yoga Massage

Performed on the floor (Thai Mat) in loose, comfortable clothing. A Thai massage incorporates aspects of Hatha Yoga, martial arts, rhythmic motion, palming or thumbing along energy (sen) lines, and deep breathing, all of which facilitates deep, safe stretching and relief from chronic pain.

Thai massage also utilizes Ayurvedic knowledge of Dosha types so that each client can experience his/her optimal session under the Practitioner's  gentle guidance.  Far Infrared Heat Therapy and Himalayan Salt Therapy also accompanies these sessions.

  • Price - Hour:    $100

  • 90 Minutes:    $135

Yoga Therapy

Similar to Thai Yoga Massage, but often targets specific areas of the body that the client needs to address or certain Yoga poses that will assist in healing these parts.

Session may be performed on yoga mat, Thai mat or a combination of both.

  • Price - Hour:    $100


A 10,000 year old Science of Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) that balances the qi (life force) as Chinese Elements in the body in relation to organs and meridians.

The Practitioner uses fine needles, seeds, magnets or moxibustion to tonify or sedate acupuncture points to bring more or less qi flow to an element/organ/meridian.

Sessions are also performed on the BioMat, and include Far Infrared Heat Therapy and Himilayan Salt Therapy. Practioner may check in with the client via Body Talk.

  • Price:    $100

Shamanic Journey Facilitator

Over two decades of deep study is merged into one toolbox: this session is for the person(s) who want(s) to move quickly through deep subconscious and no longer useful layers. Scheduling can occur as an individual, couple, or small group. Contact for further details and pricing.

    • Price:    $100 per hour


    • Package/Service Combinations upon Consultation.

Death Doula/End of Life Facilitator
  • IAPO (International Association of Professional Death Doulas)

Be empowered to make decisions regarding end of life care and wishes.   Services may include but are not limited to:  consultation, written plan of care, vigil planning/writing, holding sacred space, end of life rituals, and consultation/processing with family members post funeral.

    • Price:    $100 per hour


    • Package/Service Combinations upon Consultation.

Infrared Sauna with Aromatherapy

Bask in Far Infrared Heat to clear physical and energy pathways.  Dry far infrared heat paradoxically is the only way (besides sunlight) that the body produces EZ water/usable water at the cellular level. Ask for the numerous other benefits!

  • A la carte:    $25

  • Add-On Service:    $15

Bio-Electric Field Enhancement Footbath

Bio Charge is organic pisio-electricity that an organism uses to function on a daily basis.  During the footbath, the client recieves a boost to his/her bio charge, thus creating increased vitality, detoxification, improved organ function, increased circulation (blood, nerve and lymph), dermal rejuvenation, and better communication overall between Body and Mind.

  • Price - 30 Minutes:    $40

  • 30 Minutes with foot/neck massage:    $50