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Divine Touch
BodyMind Connections


The philosphy of Divine Touch honors you and I as being connected in consciousness. When both of us set our intention toward healing and deeper communication between Bodymind, there are numerous possibilities! Thank you for trusting YOU and me on this journey.

Divine Touch operates from a quantum physics based perspective; that is, when matter or particles are broken into their smallest parts, only space (probabilities) exist. From this perspective, wellness is just one possibility in this sea of probabilities. Consciousness creates form (matter). We are free to choose!

Testimonials - Divine Touch

  • ......I have received massage from many different people, and Melody is one of my favorite Massage Therapists. She listens to what my body needs in the moment. Each massage is unique -- no "cookie cutter" massages here! Her technique makes me feel like I am floating during and after the massage.

    .....Chantelle Emond Williamson, licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Body Talk Practitioner

  • ......I love the massages at Divine Touch! Melody understands the body, both physiologically and intuitively. She gives deep massages that work at the myofascial level to release toxins built far into the muscle tissue. With her insight and compassion for what makes each body unique, she understands exactly what you need to feel better. I would highly recommend receiving the gifts Melody has to offer at Divine Touch!

    ......Molly Rebecca Albright

  • ......I have been seeing Melody for nearly 2 years now :) As a human being, she is kind, patient, and loving. She is my friend and trusted ally :) I have experienced myofascial massage, meridian alignment, Reiki, counseling, Yoga Therapy, Body Talk, and have taken her gentle yoga classes. She is amazing! Insightful! Gifted! Wise beyond her years and extremely patient. She has read my Angel cards and helped me find my center. I most highly recommend her many services and wish her great success in her New Endeavor. She really does possess a touch of the Divine! Big hugs! Congratulations! See you soon!

    P.S. I forgot to mention, Melody also sells/uses Young Living Essential oils, works with hot stone therapy, heat/essential oil compresses, a bio mat, and is also beginning to work more with children on the Autism Spectrum.

    .........Colleen Gable Phuntshok, Reiki Practitioner

  • .........Melody worked with me to overcome my allergy symptoms. Before I went to Melody for Body Talk Massages, every Spring my eyes burned and my throat itched constantly for months. No medication alleviated my symptoms, but with just a few sessions, we addressed my imbalances. She truly cares about my mind, body, and spirit. She uses high quality supplies. I especially enjoy her heated bio-mat with amethyst crystals. Melody is uniquely qualified. We're fortunate to have someone with her level of experience in Rapid City. Whether you want to relax, rejuvenate, or address a specific ailment, I highly recommend Melody.


  • ..........Words cannot describe the benefit I have experienced from receiving Body Talk with Melody Francis.   She truly has an abundant toolbox and sound intuition from which to choose modalities to support her clients.  I trust Melody's work and will continue care with her to nurture balance and connectedness in my life.

    .........Angelena M Plummer, MS, CPC